My name is John Tudor and I own Geared Up Motorcycle Training School.

Image: John Tudor

My first motorbike was a Honda 250cc K4, which I bought from Sharps motorcycles in Lincoln. The guy in the shop wheeled my bike out the shop onto the main High street in Lincoln, handed me the keys and paperwork and went back into the shop to serve his next customer.

I had no safety helmet, as you didn’t need to wear them, and no idea how to ride a motorcycle, except what we had talked about with my mates at college. I got home safe and sound, passed my test in 1975 and have been riding ever since.

Thankfully Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) came in to force on 1st December 1990 to stop that practise, which, with today’s roads and traffic would be far more dangerous than it was then.

At Geared Up Motorcycle Training School, we pride ourselves on being very affordable, and not only giving you the tools and confidence to pass your CBT and following tests, but we go that extra mile to ensure you’re safe and have the self-assurance to ride safely no matter where you go, what type or size motorbike you’re riding or what the weather conditions are. Unlike many other training schools all our course prices and details are on my "course page" so you know exactly how much your paying and what you get for your money.

We don’t ride you round test routes to memorise the circuit to pass your test, we take you on roads that will challenge your ability and give you the skills to enable you to ride anywhere, and pass your tests confidently. Not only in our home town of Rotherham, but we will also cover all major towns in South Yorkshire. 

We are the Premier motorcycle training company based in Rotherham, that trains students in CBT's as well as Direct Access Training, A2 or to become a Motorcycle Instructor. We have use of our off road training area 7 days a week, so training isn't restricted to weekends only, and are based very near the DVSA test centre in Rotherham, so right from your CBT training, you are getting used to the roads you will ride on your test, making it less stressful on your test day. 

To demonstrate how well respected our training standards are we have been featured in South Yorkshire Safety Road Partnership's training video to be distributed nationwide to training facilities and bike meets and by advanced training schools, we have also been in the MCN, who have widely promoted the safety video Click here to watch the full video

Image: Lady Rider

Ladies, are you fed up of riding pillion?

Has becoming a motorcyclist always been on your bucket list?

Many women are getting into motorcycling.

Why don’t you?

We are ideally situated with a large training area, near major bus routes, with both town and country roads in a close vicinity and very close to the DVSA test centre, so your on test routes as soon as you leave my training area.

Midland Road Rotherham S61 1TF