I have been a Motorcycle instructor for over fifteen  years and Geared Up Motorcycle Training School are the Premier motorcycle training company based in Rotherham that trains students in CBT's, Direct Access Training, A2 or to become a Motorcycle Instructor. We have use of our off road training area 7 days a week, so training isn't restricted to weekends only.

We teach you to ride a motorcycle under many challenging conditions, and passing your test is the first step for you. We are based very near the DVSA test centre in Rotherham, so right from your CBT training, you are becoming familiar with all roads you will ride on during your test, making it much less stressful on your test day. You will be learning all your skills on roundabouts, multi-laned roads, country roads and housing estates that are test routes, as soon as you leave our off road training area, which is a massive advantage many training schools cannot offer.

A quick overview of the law is:-

Anyone 16 years old and over can ride a 50cc motorcycle once they have passed a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Grandad rights:

  • Anyone that passed their full car test prior to February 1st 2001 can ride a motorcycle up to 50cc or 4Kw only without taking a CBT, and can carry a passenger.

Anyone 17 years old and over can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc or 11Kw once they have passed a CBT, which lasts for 2 years, if you pass module 1 and 2 of a practical test you can ride a 125cc or 11Kw without L-plates.

Anyone 19 to 23 years old and holding a CBT certificate and passing module 1 and 2 of the practical test can ride a bike no bigger than 35Kw.

Anyone 24 years old and above, holding a CBT certificate and passing module 1 and 2 of the practical test on a motorcycle at least 595cc or 40Kw can ride a motorcycle of any size engine.

Theory Test

Prior to all tests, except the CBT, you will also have to pass a theory test, Can we book your theory test? Of course we can, but why, you know when you are available to take the test, and you can download or buy lots of information to help practise for the test, without the need for us, or the need to pay us the £23.00 that the test costs just Click here to book your theory test NOW.

For the full details of the law go to the government website or click here

Click here to see the consultation proposals to changes to the CBT and Full license coming in for 2019/2020

For lots of information, courses and good practise click here to see the South Yorkshire Safe Roads partnership website

The DVSA and South Yorkshire Safety Road Partnership have now released a website to introduce rides to all aspects or Motorcycling including training and resources which is a must see for everyone involved in riding a motorcycle, it also has a certified section aimed at new riders and PreCBT students, especially 16 to 19 year old students, which shows you some of the information you need before taking a CBT, click here to go to the home page and click the link in the SDFL Blog section "Introducing Ridefree" and register.


Geared Up Courses:

Below are the courses we run at Geared Up Motorcycle Training School, all the courses are inclusive of use of one of our motorcycles, safety helmet, motorcycling jacket, motorcycling gloves, waterproof trousers if needed, and all insurances, there are no hidden extra costs for insurance premiums .

I also offer FREE 30 minute taster sessions on my moped, 125cc geared bike, or if you are old enough my 600cc motorbike.


This is a 1-day course and consists of some classroom discussion, some practical training on our private off road training area, and if the instructor feels you have met the required standard you will go on a 2-hour road ride. Cost £110.00

CBT Plus

Have you passed your CBT but now want to gain some confidence, learn more about cornering, emerging onto dual carriageways, and other general riding techniques that will improve your riding. We can go where-ever YOU want, complete a ride to work or college, or ride around where you live. Using your own bike or one of mine. I offer a three hour course. it doesn't matter who you passed your CBT with, as long as your aged 16 to 24 and have a current CBT certificate, use my contact page for more details, Cost £90.00

CBT and A2 or Direct Access Training Package

If you want to go all the way in motorcycle training, why not book all your training together and save money? You can book the CBT and Direct Access training courses together in one package and save £50.00 Total Cost £710.00.

A2 and Direct Access Training

This covers everyone from 19 years old and over to meet the testing criteria mentioned above. It consists of a four day training course including off road training on our private off road training area to practise for your module 1 of the practical test, and on-road rider training to complete your module 2 of the practical test.
The cost is dependent on your previous knowledge and ability, you may be very experienced and only want to pay at an hourly rate, just ask. The cost not only includes use of one of our motorcycles, safety helmet, motorcycling jacket, motorcycling gloves, waterproof trousers if needed, and all insurances, and there are no hidden insurance premiums or 125cc assessment costs, but also your first module 1 and module 2 test fees, your Module 1 test costs £15.50 and your Module 2 test costs £75.00 . Total Cost £650.00

Experienced A2 and Direct Access Training course

You may be a very experienced rider that’s passed a number of CBT's  and don’t want to take any more, or have a long history of motorcyling “off road”. We now offer an experienced rider training course to get you fully qualified. It has reduced training programs but all the same excellent benefits of our other courses, but unlike other training school we recognise your experience and tailor the course to suit you, but at a much reduced cost and if you feel you want some extra training we can add that at our hourly rate. Total Cost £450.00 and it includes your first module 1 and module 2 test fees, there are no hidden insurance premiums or 125cc assessment costs.

A2 and Direct Access Plus Training

Well done on passing your test but now you have to ride on the big open roads and motorways, this course is to give you that confidence. Teaching you how to join and leave motorways safely, and if you didn't train with Geared Up, we can now show you what you missed and take you on some challenging and stunning roads in Derbyshire, the peak district and in busy town centres, where you will gain all the confidence and ability you will ever need. Charged at a hourly rate at £40.00 per hour.

Guaranteed Pass

No matter how much training you need, this package pays your first tests fees for your Module 1 and 2 (your Module 1 test costs £15.50 and your Module 2 test costs £75.00) and an unlimited amount of training until you pass your tests, keep coming back at your convenience and we will get you through. Cost £900.00

Instructor Training                                                                                                                                                        

Do you fancy a career change? We can teach you to become an Motorcycle instructor, all you need is to have held a full motorcycling licence for three years, we will do the rest. The cost includes detailed training notes, one to one training, work shadowing, and full tuition until you reach a standard to attend Cardington for your CBT and Direct Assess Instructors certificates so you can run  your own training school. The training is unlimited until you pass your assessments but excludes any accommodation costs. The cost is £1,100.00 for a standard course £2,000,00 for a seven day intensive course.
Get in touch for details.

Returning to Motorcycling

Have you been out of motorcycling for a while and a bit nervous about returning to it. We can take you on our private off road training area and then for a tutored road ride to bring you back up to the standard.
Charged at an hourly rate of £40.00 per hour

Needs to learn to change gear

Have you always ridden a scooter or moped but now want to ride a geared motorcycle? We can teach you how to change gear on our private off road training area, then take you on the road to ensure your safe and confident.
Charged at an hourly rate of £40.00 per hour. 

Terms & Conditions

Please note at the time of booking we will require a deposit as per the booking e mail you will be sent, to secure your booking. This payment can be made by card payment, cash or bank transfer, this is non refundable on any cancellations made 48 hours or less from the date your training was to take place.